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Accounting Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of accounting.

Communicate Bookkeeping Knowledge, Skill, Experience, and Ethics

Communicate Bookkeeping Knowledge, Skill, Experience, and Ethics

Communicate Bookkeeping Knowledge, Skill, Experience, and Ethics

Communicate Bookkeeping Knowledge, Skill, Experience, and Ethics

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Course Purpose

This course provides bookkeeping and accounting education and is required to obtain our Bookkeeping Certification, Experience, and Certified Public Bookkeeper license.

Course Overview

This course explains bookkeeping and accounting. It provides a fundamental knowledge and understanding of bookkeeping and accounting concepts, processes, methods, procedures, and controls bookkeepers should comprehend to perform bookkeeping efficiently and productively.

Course Length

The course is a thirteen-week course (one session per week). However, the course is an on-demand, self-study, self-paced course. Therefore, the length of the course is determined by the time you dedicate to the course and your understanding of bookkeeping and accounting.

Important: When you purchase the course, we email you the course access code and instructions. If you don't receive the email, please check your Junk mail.

If you purchase the course after 5:00 pm MT (4:00 pm PT, 6:00 pm CT, 7:00 pm ET), we email you the course access code and instructions the morning of the next business day. We are closed on the weekend and major holidays.

The code provides you access to the course for 6 months beginning from the time you access the course.

  1. Accounting: The Language of Business
  2. Analyzing Business Transactions
  3. Analyzing Business Transactions Using T Accounts
  4. The General Journal and the General Ledger
  5. Adjustments and the Worksheet
  6. Closing Entries and the Post Closing Trial Balance
  7. Accounting for Sales, Accounts Receivable, and Cash Receipts
  8. Accounting for Purchases, Accounts Payable, and Cash Payments
  9. Cash
  10. Payroll Computations, Records, and Payment
  11. Payroll Taxes, Deposits, and Reports
  12. Accruals, Deferrals, and the Worksheet
  13. Financial Statements and Closing Procedures

The materials included with this course include:

  •  eTextbook
  •  Pre-assessment Test
  •  On-demand Video Instruction
  •  Quizzes
  •  Exercises
  •  Problems
  •  Mini-practice Sets
  •  Instructor Support
  •  Post-assessment Test
  •  26 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits
Note: NACPB courses are delivered in an eLearning format. For more information on eLearning, click here.

The steps to completing the course are as follows:

Step 1: Take Pre-assessment Test  

Step 2: Watch Chapter Video  

Step 3: Read Textbook Chapter  

Step 4: Complete Chapter Exercises  

Step 5: Complete Chapter Problems  

Step 6: Take Chapter Quiz  

Step 7: Request Instructor Support  

Step 8: Take Post-assessment Test  


Step 9: Take and pass Bookkeeping Certification exam.

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Thirteen weeks